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Knobs: Knobs are easy to install with a single screw and add a tiny but distinctive
seem like the simpler choice, make sure they match your kitchen's design.

Pulls: Of course pulls serve the same exact function as knobs but they are often
more dramatic. Keep in mind that since they are bigger, pulls often take on more
visual significance. This can help to improve your remodel, but it may take away the
focus from the cabinetry itself. So make sure you choose a style that is in direct
proportion to the size of your doors.

Backplate's: These small plates are installed between the pull/knob and the door
itself in order to help protect the wood and to add a decorative flourish to the
cabinet hardware. They are optional, but can help to attract one's eye to a new
Knobs or Pulls?
First of all, make sure you always choose the material that fits the design of your
home. Do you have a traditional kitchen? Then copper, brass, pewter, or antique glass
is the best choice. Do you have a modern design? Then enamel or silver cabinet
hardware may add a clean, sleek look to your cabinets. Because there are infinite
options out there, make sure to take your time in selecting the proper kitchen cabinet